Start a wonderful magical family tradition this Christmas, with your own Christmas Elf.
Welcome your Elf into your home from the 1st of December, to help Santa keep an eye on you. You can have fun reading your letter from your Elf and filling in his Adoption Certificate.
Every night when the children go to sleep, your little Elf can be tucked up into his own little sleeping bag, but be aware he will get up to all kinds of mischief and report back to Santa how good or bad the children have been.
In the morning, there is real feeling magic in the air when you find the Christmas Elf has moved around the house. 
Your Christmas Elf leaves on Christmas Eve, to then return next Christmas.
Your will receive- 
1 x Christmas Elf (12cm body with long arms and long legs)
1 x Hello welcome Letter from Elf
1 x Goodbye Letter from Elf.
1 x Adoption Certificate
1 x Cotton gift bag Sleeping Bag (15cm x 20cm)
2 x Elf Headquarters Report Cards.
1 x Elfie Selfie photo card.
1 x Stelf Elf Game card.
1 x Bag of Magic Jelly Beans
1 x Candy Cane

Your Elf will come gift boxed, tied with a ribbon and finished off with a kraft gift tag.


Christmas Elf Set